Should a Priest Get Married?

The Vatican has re-affirmed celibacy among Catholic priests after the case of a married African archbishop, excommunicated last year for ordaining other married priests.

The question to ask is: if a Protestant priest can marry, does this make him less Christian than a catholic one? Both have come to the world through procreation. Catholic priests shouldn’t be denied the pleasure of marriage as it seems they’re the only ones obliged to celibacy in all revealed religions denominations.

If it’s possible for ordinary people to achieve spirituality while keeping a family, it can be possible for a Catholic priest to be and remain a spiritual guide without being deprived of marriage.

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  1. Anicca said,

    February 14, 2009 at 3:18 am


    This is not true. Buddhist Monks don’t get married. Theravada monks have percepts have remaining seggregation from females.

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