Pierre Gemayal Assassination

Political assassinations are common in Lebanon, prior to its notorious civil war. It didn’t spare anyone from all sections of the Lebanese society, Muslims or Christians. The most spectacular one was that of the former PM Rafik Al Hariri whose death shook up the political landscape in Lebanon. Among other things the military withdrawal of Syria, although its political presence behind the scene.

Lebanon as a democratic country has failed to be a model for the Arab world in particular. Democracy means protection from prosecution and jail.

What is queer about the political situation in Lebanon is that it is a rare democracy in the Arab world. But politicians aren’t immune from threats from inside and outside its borders. Lebanon has perhaps the biggest rate of prominent political assassinations.

Usually Lebanon doesn’t have political opposition outside the country. It doesn’t have political prisoners. The only reason behind this is that prominent politicians who have a political influence threatening those with interest in Lebanon- Lebanese or not- are simply killed or remain on the black list until the appropriate moment. Then the act is carried leaving behind it many questions hovering in the air. Secret services may be involved. The question remains whose service.

In Lebanon, prominent politicians have to be under big security from armed body guards.

The assassination of Pierre Gemayal means life is never safe there. Ballots are not an assurance to have a comfortable seat in power. Politicians can’t rely on the state to protect them because the state itself doesn’t have a unified national security force. Hezbollah is an example of the armed forces that are independent of the “central” government.

This political assassination can throw Lebanon in further political instability especially if key sections turn their back to one another- deepening their historic mistrust – and seek political allies outside their country. This will make the country remain in the grip of foreign political influences.

This assassination can’t serve as a lesson to any. Such Assassinations are recurrent events. Perhaps, it’s brave to be a politician in Lebanon. Because the first thing it means is that one should be ready to die and have really trusted friends inside and outside the political circles.

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