Animal Rights or Human Rights?

People in Holland voted in two MPs representing the Party for Animals . This can be equated with people voting elsewhere for green parties to protect planet Earth as a whole from the mess of human mismanagement and greed.

But in countries where human rights are no longer burning issues, Animals rights can be an interesting issue. In Holland the issue of the burqa seems to have been eclipsed by the plight of animals, attracting a new type of voters. But voting for a Party of Animals sounds less strange than the likelihood of voting into power another newly formed Dutch political party calling for the reduction of the right of children aged 10 to have sex and defending the right of humans to have sex with animals.

As animals in Europe are mainly used as pets or considered as family members, they, too, should have the attention of politicians. Making animals happy means making their owners happy too. Which also means winning their votes in campaigns.

This can work in developed countries. But countries with poor human rights records need political parties for human rights per se, where priorities should be given to defend them at least theoretically. On the ground, decades are needed to make human rights a reality around the world. Many countries are using their “successes” in human rights to brag about their political achievements.

Maybe as in some literary works of science fiction or fairy tales, one day animals will be ruling the world. Humans will be their mouthpiece, clashing with one another about who is their representative and advocate.

Perhaps after this post I should be reading “Gulliver’s Travels” in which horses have their kingdom and where Gulliver becomes their subject. I should also be reading “Planet of the Apes” where humans are ruled by …… APES!

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