Gaddafi call for Free Migration

The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has told African and European government ministers that they must accept high levels of cross-border migration.

Before asking Europe to solve migration problems by opening its doors to migrants, Gaddafi should open his country to them and allow them to settle there without threatening them of repatriation. As a leader calling for African Unity, he should work out an economic strategy in line with his ideology to allow would-be migrants to stay in their countries and find jobs in them rather than risk their lives through drowning in the waters leading to Europe or famine, when walking in the harsh desert.

Europe can’t absorb all the would-be immigrants. From Africa alone there can be millions heading for it if its doors happen to be open to all. Europe can accept only the types of immigrants it needs, especially qualified ones. If the freedom of movement is a human right, European countries, ethically, shouldn’t “rob” poor countries from their best human resources. It should encourage them to stay in their countries to help their countrymen help themselves in their homeland for the good of all.

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