The Soaring Olympic Games Cost

The Olympic Games have become costly because of the conditions attached to them. There is at first competitions between nations who bid for their organisations. So each must display the best it can offer. The fact that no more than ten cities are officially proposed for the event shows the great responsibility it entails.

Such games have also political considerations. The host country wants to show the whole world its savoir-faire from all angles. Currently, first of al,l to create secure conditions during the games period.

The soaring costs of the Olympic Games have to do with the luxury that must be provided for the participants and the visitors. Each Olympic Games organisation must prove better than the previous one and obviously it turns out to be more costly.

The slogan of the Olympic Games is that what counts is participation. But nowadays, in addition to this what counts is the gain companies and the host country can financially and politically gain.

Today there is also the security cost. In 2004, Athens had to substantially increase the budget for security more largely than had been expected because of the fear of international terrorism at a time when the USA particularly was waging a war against the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But putting the financial cost aside, the Olympic Games remain memorable moments for the participants, the spectators around the world and for the city itself. They are a sort of prestige for everyone involved in them. Although an organising city may be left to pay the debts, it keeps the interests of having an infrastructure that couldn’t have been laid down without the incentive of the Olympic Games.

If it is a national pride to hold a major sport event like the Olympic Games, the cost should not be as an excuse to curse the day when a country was chosen to hold them.

Each privileged and rare opportunity has a price. The price of such an event is the length of the efforts needed to get the games ready and the bills or debts to pay long after the games.

Olympic Games and World Cup are among the most expensive sports events. But there are fans ready for taking the trouble to travel from extreme points of the earth and to buy expensive tickets for the pleasure of having a seat in the stadium.

Olympic Games have become a part of collective memory for billions around the world. There can be criticism after criticism about their cost and organisation. What is sure there can never be a call for their indefinite suspension. Without games the world becomes a dull place.

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