Child Sex Abuse by UN Peacekeeping Missions

It is a paradoxical that a human worker allows himself to fall in inhuman act, especially child rape . Since sexual abuse of victims such as young girls and boys has reached a big magnitude, aid workers should be selected on the basis of their conduct, not just competence. They should take oath, for example, not to transgress human dignity. Such people should not be allowed to trade in human dignity.

Offering “help” to victims just to satisfy dirty desires is another form of human slavery or at least an encouragement to prostitution. Girls, In particular, will in the long term find it natural to offer their bodies for a loaf of bread or for a ride on a car. So these so called humanitarian workers are just perpetuating the suffering they’re supposed to alleviate, which will be aggravated by the psychological scars they can inflict on innocent girls unaware of the aftermath of their indulgence in return of a dismal gift.

A catastrophe can’t be alleviated by another one. The UN should be swift in taking actions and not to turn a blind eye on this simply such abuses are taking place in third world countries where such abuses are supposedly commonly practised by the locals and visitors. If such aid workers – some of whom are representing their countries – can’t be tried at home for their inhuman excesses they should be tried in an international court as war criminal or for crimes against humanity.

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