Should Princess Diana car wreck be sold?

The sale of the car in which Diana died should be prevented by all means. The French owner of that car, Jean Francois Musa can, as a compromise, have a new limousine if his intent is for compensation. He shouldn’t be allowed to turn into a vulture feeding on the bodies of those who have tragically died.

The question doesn’t end here. If there are his kinds in the world, he will probably go ahead with the sale after getting a go ahead from the court to recover the car.

Diana’s death shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes. Out of respect for her and her many admirers within and outside UK, she should be an icon. She was an inspiring lady. The car by all accounts shouldn’t be in public view as a reminder of a short life. Diana should be remembered for what she lived for and not how she died. Her possessions should be kept sacred to be above any kind of sale.

Such an incident is a reminder of her lover James Hewitt wanting to make profit of her letters to him.

As a conclusion, greed makes one blind even to deep human values. Any judge who has any consideration for the rights of a person in life and death should oppose any demand to parade a car that was in essence a killer. That car should be out of view for Diana to be remembered as one of the most beautiful ladies and not a distorted body covered in its own blood.

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