The Imam and the Pastor: Healing Conflict in Nigeria

It’s interesting to hear an Imam and a Pastor talking as brothers after years of enmity and who have been featuring film in a After all people can have different religions or principles, but in principal they share the same biology and the innate humanity. It’s beliefs that make people seen in different colours.

The Nigerian Imam and Pastor can serve as an example for settling interfaith clashes or clashes between different people of the same faith as it is taking place in Iraq.

Talking about Christians and Muslims, too much bloodshed has been split in ex-Yugoslavia where thousands of Muslims were victims of genocide because of their faith, by Serbian Christians. In southern Sudan, hundreds of thousands of Christians have died in Darfur because they are different from the dominant Muslims in the north.

More Imams and Pastors are needed to spread what unites and not what disunites people of different faiths. People can have different identities but they share the same world. It shouldn’t be a religious battlefield. It should be a miniature of Eden all believers are aspiring to instead people of a faith see the others of different faith as doomed not worthy of living, but their place is in hell.

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