Iraq Sudy Group Report

An Iraq Study Group has issued a report on the current situation in Iraq and how to solve it. The report recommendations in general remain just a wishful thinking as in politics there is little assurance that things of global magnitude go to plan. Many plans for Iraq, at least since 2003 invasion, failed – from general elections, the installation of a parliamentary government, the arrest and killing of dangerous figures etc. Each of these gave a glimpse of hope. But that glimpse was like a candle quickly blown up by the torrent winds.

The situation in Iraq must have become very embarrassing for the USA as casualties are mounting among the US troops. Its military , despite its sophisticated machinery and big experiences in previous wars, failed to curb the violence and round the insurgents. These are showing more defiance to it and to the Iraqi government through daily killings and frequent kidnapping, the most recently spectacular one was the kidnapping of a large number of people from the Education Ministry in Baghdad.

It is apparent that the explosive situation in Iraq is only a part of the unstable situation in the Middle East as a whole. For the situation to stabilise, more diplomatic efforts are needed to make the countries in the region agree on a general peaceful settlement. The area should not remain a ground for non-ending mistrust and preparation for mutual annihilation.

As the situation is far more complex than the US military withdrawal, it is not the Iraqi army that can make Iraq a stable country. The challenges from insurgents operating from inside and outside Iraq will be beyond its power. They will just outstretch it, making of it a scarecrow to birds knowing that it can’t move to catch them.

So in a sense the situation remains an egg and chicken question. Which should come first, political stability or military withdrawal? As it may be expected, there are those who might say political stability can be achieved just by putting an end to insurgents. Others say dialogue should be open on all fronts to end violence.

Maybe these recommendations will be themselves outdated by unexpectedly uncontrollable events asking for political recalculations.

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