Fighting Bribery

The worst bribery is that in which officials, either at high or low levels, are involved. This kind of bribery puts in question the credibility of the whole political system supposed to be at the service of the nation. Many elections, especially in third world countries, are carried by bribing voters to vote for a particular candidate. This naturally leads to institutions whose members see bribery as a source of power. For them the “donations were just an investment to reap big profits from public funds and bribes to provide services without creating obstacles.

Fighting bribery has to do with achieving personal integrity at all levels. But as long as poverty is coupled with greed and as long standing out to corrupt officials is coupled with fear of prosecution, and finally as long as those who are supposed to implement the law are corrupt, bribery will continue to be a way of life in all circles.

Putting an end to bribery seems impossible to achieve when the whole society sees it as a way of life or simply a way to say thank you for a service done quickly.

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