European Migration or Population Swap?

Many Europeans, including Britons , are choosing to live outside Europe, mainly in stable countries where they can have a happy life. The money with which they can’t buy even a flat in their home country can buy them a high standard house.

Some choose to start a new life mingling with the locals and even adopting their manners. Morocco has become a destination for many Europeans, especially the French who are keen to have a Riad -a Moroccan luxurious traditional house – in old cities, mainly Marrakesh. Some use them for a living, others as a guest house.

The consequence of this is that it has become impossible for a person in Marrakesh with an average income to own a house in the old city. The prices have soared so much in the past few years that the only choice for the locals now is to live in new neighbourhoods, leaving real estate in the old city open to speculation and sale to the Europeans who are, in most cases, ready to offer the highest prices.

The Europeans are lucky to choose where they can live. All they need is a visa which is – in most cases- granted to them swiftly. In contrast, immigrants from poor countries are usually arrested and returned to their countries of origins because they have no money to invest.

As long as the Europeans are richer and as long as host countries are open and welcoming, such a trend will continue. This is what may be considered as a population swap. The Europeans come to third world countries for investment or easy life. People from poor countries come to Europe empty handed in the hope of making enough money to survive in Europe or to return to their home countries with swollen pockets.

Let the world be a better place for everyone, in that they can realize their dreams of living where they want without being hindered by political, geographical or cultural barriers.

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