Ipswich Prostitute Murders

UK has been shaken up by the serial murder of Ipswich prostitutes. This must shed light on a profession so despised in many societies and the danger prostitutes run almost daily, mainly meeting strangers that can turn aggressive, robbers or worse as murderers.
Prostitution is a fact in many societies. In the UK, it isn’t considered a crime to hire a prostitute as long as the sexual act isn’t performed in public or the person found with her isn’t married risking a charge of infidelity.

It does not make sense to allow striptease, pornographic industry and to exclude prostitution as a trade. For these reasons, prostitution, to be realistic, should be legalized. There should be a prostitution agency. So anyone going with a prostitute will be registered. As there are prostitutes working in the dark or exposing themselves in dark and rarely frequented streets, they are likely to be subject to attacks.

But in essence to protect prostitutes, they should be given an alternative to make a decent living. They shouldn’t go on using their body as their essential capital, suffering in the course of their profession, humiliation and even murder as it was the case in Ipswich town recently.

Prostitutes should be regarded as citizens enjoying legal protections and not to be left to their fate as if they were drug dealers or any other sort of similar activities, waiting for the worse day through imprisonment or murder. They should have a normal life by being offered another trade other the one whose lifespan is as long as how long their body can remain a saleable sex object.

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