Iraq under Suicide Car Bomb Attacks

The sad analogy to make between some Iraqis looking for a source of living and African illegal immigrants is this. Illegal African immigrants risk their lives on their way to Europe by dying from hunger or drowning in waters far from their homeland. Iraqi workers, especially those looking for makeshift jobs risk their lives in their own home country due to suicide bomb attacks.

Today’s car bomb attack isn’t the first. Suicide bombing has been used for all types of public gathering: mosques, annual worship, markets, police recruiting centres and casual work stations, to name just what has been widely reported on news organisations. Ironically the sectors that are fully active in Iraq are health services because of the overwhelming casualties they get and the security forces who are on the constant look-out to minimise the casualties hospitals are left to cope with.

Death seems to be one of the responses Iraqi workers get for their applications for a job – be it with the government or with particulars. It’s dreary to live in a country where even the needy are a target of attacks simply because they belong to a section of society whose enemies want to inflict on it any possible damage out of revenge or to spread terror among its members.

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