YouTube, Person of the Year. Couldn’t there Be a Better Choice?

YouTube has made it possible for everyone with Internet connection to project their views and send information around the world. It also opened the gate for unchecked reports, videos clips that remain uncensored. Although it lifted taboos on many subjects, its open use can create Internet communities who can publish whatever they want, sometimes at the expense of morality.

YouTube is a wonderful means for the narcissists to project themselves to the world by video or pictures, seeking stranger admirers and getting from them fake admiration. If the sixties were the era of sexual freedom in a single place, YouTube has made it possible for everyone to live their sexual fantasies and look for sexual partners. Some become self-proclaimed world stars by publishing their stuff like songs on YouTube

But again it isn’t like listening to a song from a professional singer getting claim from experienced critics.

Another facet of YouTube is that it has made it possible for ordinary people to become journalists without needing an editor or a newsstand to have their material read. But they remain with a limited audience as now there are hundreds of millions with a site on the net, each expressing their views on matters of narrow interests. The result is mediocrity content as facts remain unchecked.

YouTube can be a threat only to media thriving on gossip about banal matters as anyone can produce the like just by having a daily tour in one’s area collecting information from mouth to ear.

Sites with solid content remain unrivalled. The parallel to draw is the number of TV channels. Today there are thousands of them on the air. But very few in comparison of their number have substantial audiences running in tens of millions. Credible media, including TIME and BBC, remain the only source to get the bulk of credible news. Amateurish & unchecked reports are never 100% reliable. Their authors can become influential if they have the skill to make fake reports look real and the established media fails to have a counter attack to put thing right.

YouTube in essence remains a gamish site for those who can’t concentrate on factual matters done most in script contrary to the unlimited YouTube sites filled mostly with just personal pictures, audio and video sequences, which can be shocking because of being made in bad taste.

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