Iran Local Elections, Are they a Reflection of People’s power?

Elections in Iran are just a charade as all the key political institutions are in the grip of the clergy of the Ayatollahs who have the power to veto any policy not in line with their ideologies.

Former “reformist” President Khatami was ineffective because many of his reforms were blocked by the clergy. Ahmadinejad has to keep his popularity just with the Ayatollahs who had given him the green light to stand as a presidential candidate and to win the second round, creating a big surprise after he had been considered as the underdog in the race for presidency.

The low turn-out in the local elections is a message to the clergy that the results make no difference as radical reformists and dissidents are excluded from standing and making their voice heard to the public without fear of arrest and prosecution.

When Iran can have a powerful president who isn’t under the grip of the Iranian clergy, then elections presidential or local – can make the difference.

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