Rice backs ‘worthwhile’ Iraq war

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has again defended the war in Iraq, saying the investment in US lives and dollars will be “worth it”.

Investment in US lives? When has human life become an investment for political end? The US government had better legalised human cloning. So soldiers will be cloned and their death will be considered as the loss of military equipment.

The US has a history of sacrificing its soldiers abroad. There were successes as in the Second World War. But there were setbacks in the Vietnam War where more than 50,000 soldiers died, not to count the surviving with physical and mental illnesses.

Politicians think putting their feelings aside. But considering human death as investment is similar to Senator Kerry’s statement that the future of worthless American students was in Iraq. US Soldiers are trained to fight and be prepared to die for their country to survive but not an investment to win political wars.

The war in Iraq was a political investment for the Bush administration in its first term. Many international and domestic policies were taken on the basis of fighting terrorist groups, especially those operating in Iraq.

US can be financially rewarded if peace returned to Iraq. . Every cent spent on the war in Iraq will, in case of success, be returned with a dollar.

It will open the gate for American giant companies to have huge lucrative investment to make up for the billions of the dollars spend on the war in Iraq.

For the US containing the war in Iraq is less costly than if the whole Middle East becomes engaged in a war, especially between Israel and other countries in the region, mainly Syria and Iran. Otherwise, the flow of oil will stop from this region making a barrel cost $US +100.

The war can also protect US friendly regimes in the region. But the US still has Iran to deal with. If the issue of its nuclear program isn’t settled peacefully, the US will have to start a new war with more lost lives and billions of dollars.

Investment of diplomatic efforts should be stepped up to find an end to the war in Iraq.The reasonably diplomatic investment will be this: The US should try to reach out to its countries like Iran and Syria for a way out as the insurgents find support in these two countries. Spilling more blood is a shameful investment.

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