In Memory Of James Brown

The Godfather of Soul James Brown – who died on December 25th, 2006- was an essential part of the music movement that shook the world of music in the 60s. Contrary to some singers whose aim was just to entertain, he was, among other groups like the Beatles, calling for social and political change.

James brown influenced many generations, helped to break the cultural and political barriers mainly between blacks and whites. His music was unifying at least artistically, in that it was appreciated by all. He made blacks proud of themselves as black and the whites proud of shaking off their racial prejudices. Like many blacks who rose to stardom, he has become a part of influential music, an icon for millions for what he did and stood for.

Brown is dead but his music will continue to be alive. His eternity will be matched by the eternity of his music.

This short poem in memory of James Brown:

Oh James Brown,

King of Soul in every city and town,

You made glory your own.

Now you have gone,

Colour of coffee and chocolate.

You offered the world a plate

Of gold music to taste.

You will be greatly missed.

Before you leave, your face

Will be passionately kissed.

In your music you will be met

By fans still dancing to your beat,

Making an illusion your death.

James Brown King of Soul is dead.

Long live his music without end.

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