Gangs , Gangsters and the Law of the Jungle

Many countries around the world have gangs rampaging the streets. One of the most notorious countries are the USA and Brazil .

Gangs are the result of social disintegration at family levels. The members of these gangs find no orientation in their families or schools. They’re left to their fate as belonging to a gang fits the principle of the survival of the fittest. Defying law and order is the principle of these gangs as they can’t survive in an environment where the law of the state is supreme.

What makes gangs worse is the rivalry that exist between them making each set on the destruction of the other and hence the ongoing violence. Some find belonging to a gang as heroic as it means a stature of a different kind. This brings in mind the sex strike women in Brazil staged to dissuade their husbands and boyfriends from being violent.

West Side Story is a commonplace story repeated over and over with different actions evolving with time. It’s up to societies where gangsters roam to find appropriate ways to put an end to their threats. The critical period is childhood and adolescence that need particular attention at least to minimise the number of gangs.

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