Extra Troops for Iraq, Will it make a difference?

The security situation in Iraq has reached an alarming rate. Ironically, the US military intervention despite its sophisticated weapons and apparently well-trained soldiers failed to put an end to insurgency coupled with military operations that claimed lives on all sides.

The US has to get the job finished in Iraq. The dramatic situations in it have been unexpected as it was believed with the fall of Saddam, Iraq would be a model of democracy in the Middle East.

The US achievements in Iraq have been disappointing so far. Instead of planning phase withdrawal, the Bush Administration needs more troops in the hope of calming the situation in troubled areas, especially Baghdad.

Extra troops will be just instrumental in chasing and arresting insurgents. But Iraqi problem is deeper than planting check-points, raids and arrests. There are the hearts and the minds of the Iraqis that need ways to settle their differences sectarian, political or religious. The Iraqi must agree on what country they want to live in, federal, confederate or in a broken Iraq made of new countries representing the major sections of Iraqi population: Shiaas, Kurds, and Sunnis.

The extra troops can win their battles if the locals agree to cooperate with them helping them get their hands on the insurgents. But as there are still deep divisions among the Shiaas and the Sunnis fuelled by Saddam execution, the US army will have the hard task of finding reliable intelligence sources to carry out its raid missions with success. In Iraq, there is only an Iraqi credible force that can make the difference. This means the Iraqi forces remains doubtful as they are infiltrated by insurgents or members carrying violence on behalf of their sects.

When the Iraqis agree to unite politically or come to a durable political settlement, they can have a united security force ready to act for the country and not in the name of just one section of the Iraqi society. The role of the US military will be unnecessary as the majority of stable countries depend on their own task forces.

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