A Father’s Wish to Have a Child after Death

Children are an instrument for continuity. Marriage without children seems barren for many. For a father ,as it is the case of Sergeant Kevin Cohen, to have a child posthumously should be seen in the context of the instinctive drive to continue existing and remembered after death. Ordinary people have only their children to be remembered by, by visiting their tombs or mentioning them from time to time. Historical figures perpetuate their names through their achievements.

Having children through frozen sperms and eggs is current. There are cases of surrogated motherhood for infertile women. But the case of the diseased soldier should be seen as a kind of resurrection after death through a child. The woman accepting pregnancy from the sperm of the dead soldier should be seen as heroine as it helped the mother to see the dream of her child come true. The soldier’s mother will surely feel as if her deceased child came back to her through the expected grandchild. His/her birth should be seen as a celebration of life and a triumph over death. The mother will have a chance to be in peace regarding her lost child. As this case has brought fame to the Israeli soldier at least in Israel and will have people around the world speak about his dream coming true, his spirit can then rest in peace.

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