Hilary Clinton running for president, what if she and Barack Obama couldn’t make it even if in the primaries?

The US is back again for primary presidential campaign. There are many contenders up to now. Possibly more will join in the coming days. But these two hopeful candidates have been in the limelight more than others because of gender and colour: Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Both have created a sensation as both decided to run for president. They both draw attention because of being exclusively representative of a section of American society which has never been in power. If either becomes president, it will be a historical turning point as in the USA never has a woman or a black person been in power as president.

Hillary Clinton is fit to run for president. She has experience in politics as she was US First lady for eight years. So she must be familiar with the intrigues of politics in the White House. As a senator she must have accumulated the experience of how to interact with the Congress. As a public figure she has her influence over many social issues. If she is chosen by the Democrats, she can rely among other things on her husband Bill Clinton, who was a popular president, to draw support for her. He must be considered as her big asset. She may use him to remind the Americans of the “golden” presidency under him. She can also exploit the disenchantment of the public with Bush foreign policy, especially in Iraq. Like the rest of the Democrats she has so much fire to charge at the Republicans whose only defence may be their argument about strengthening national security at home and abroad.

In this context, The US presidential elections is going to prove sensational, sensation coming especially from the Democrats who are historically faced with deciding over gender or colour in the persons of Hilary and Obama, should they remain in the final round after the elimination of other contenders. The Democrats will be in the spotlight more than the Republicans on this issue as this will give them more publicity on who should run for president. There may be the surprise of neither being chosen by the Democrats in the primaries. In this case the presidential campaign may lose some of its edge.

In this case both will go down history as having been the first of their kind to have attempted presidency evoking so much interest. In case neither is chosen it’s good for them both to say, “ It’s better to have tried and lost than not to have tried at all”

As an outside “observer”! (Please, forgive the term), I’d rather say good luck to all –Democrat or Republican, white or black, male or female. And let the best win.

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