Hrant Dink, a symbolic victim of Armenian genocide

The death of Hrant Dink shows that there is no free speech in Turkey, especially about its past regarding the Armenian genocide.

In countries where is there is free speech about national issues like Germany, the Germans are free to speak about the atrocities of the Nazis without being in danger of death threats as these atrocities were committed by a defunct regime. Turkey is sensitive about Armenian genocide because of its fear of political consequences like compensations for the families of the victims. Germany is still paying for the holocaust by giving a privilege to Jews as an apology for what they endured under Hitler.

Turkey to free itself from the ghosts of its past should be open about it for current and future generations. This murder is a test for Turkey how far it can protect free speech and crack down on those who stand in the way of a fully democratic Turkey.

When thoughts lead to death, this is as worse as a genocide. Hrant Dink was somehow the latest victim of Turkey alleged genocide in Armenia.

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