Violence in Iraq, from Engagement to Apathy

The violent situation in Iraq is a flagrant example of “what man has made to man” to paraphrase Romantic poet Coleridge. Iraq has become the axis of conflicting forces from within and outside. There is the major conflict between the USA, the undisputed superpower in the world and the factions who are mounting a challenge to it. For that, they use all means by spreading terror through daily deadly bombing claiming tens of lives.

Iraq has become a card in the hands of Iran to offset the US threat hovering over it because of its nuclear program. For Iran the longer the worsening situation continues in Iraq, the more the US will think of a military strike or invasion as it can’t afford two major wars at the same time and in two bordering countries.

For the US, the war in Iraq is worthwhile as the insurgent are contained in it, not operating in its ally countries, especially the Gulf states. As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declared that the investment in human lives in Iraq was worthwhile.

For the public, there is antipathy in most countries as what is taking place in Iraq as its people are made to pay in a conflict between irreconcilable forces, which makes of Iraq their battleground. But the situation is no longer a talking point with the same intensity, except when there is a major event like the execution of Saddam Hussein which brought an overwhelming reaction in every part of the world, from the public and the politicians alike.

As it seems, the Iraqis are left to their fate, exposed to a war that daily prove difficult to end as there is escalation from all sides to force events according to their agenda. During Saddam regime, many Iraqis sought refuge from his dictatorship in other countries. Now thousands of Iraqis are leaving their country in search, not for freedom but just to find a secure place.

Public demonstration, political condemnations from countries proved useless in preventing the US from invading Iraq. The same will be for any call to it to withdraw from it unless its long-term agenda in the Middle East is secured. As it is, violence will remain a daily recurrence in Iraq, drawing far less attention than it used. One day, the war in Iraq will be a forgotten war as long as US casualties are kept to minimum. Ironically, Iraqi victims are treated just as “the latest score of casualties in the ongoing violence in Iraq”. So no matter how many are killed will be forgotten overnight because a new wave of killing is to come soon.

Quite horrific of how light human life becomes when there is deep animosity. Only the likes of Coleridge will feel the grief of “what man has made to man” in an age considered as the apogee of human civilisation.

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