Gambling, a question of intelligence or luck?

Gambling is risk taking that can lead to ruin. It is like a drug. Gamblers feel satisfaction by winning this way rather than through an economic activity. It’s a game for some that brings them lucky winning but at the expense of the losers. It’s a game that in most cases need intelligence, but luck remains the principle factor. Each day there are sensational scenes where there are dramatic losers and winners.

Gambling is in many cases the sport if the rich who don’t find what to do with their money but to risk it at the roulette in the hope of regenerating more wealth out of it. Perhaps it’s the easiest way to take interest on one’s income. There are no banks that can double and redouble your deposits overnight. Stock markets are a way of investing. Like gambling, they can bring immediate loss or win through the shares that change hands. But casinos can bring much more to the lucky.

For some states, there are no scruples about gambling as they generate revenues for the treasury. Like gulf and other rich men’s sports, casinos are a part of the tourist industries in many countries. However, the personal implications can be dire when one loses everything or the casino becomes the most frequented place at the expense of other ways of life leading to family break-up or running into huge debts.

For those who can’t resist gambling I think Gambling can be fun if a small money is risked from time to time but gambling should not become an addiction. The danger is when it leads to total ruin. It will be better if a good percentage of the revenues from gambling institutions is dedicated to charity organisations.

Personally, I don’t like to have anybody’s money. I’d rather get it downright from a job however small the amount may be. It doesn’t make sense to get rich by impoverishing the others or living off their money. Seeking a gain like this can destroy dreams. It’s worse than buying lottery tickets which, in part, isn’t as risk taking as gambling all for all.

I’d rather re-watch “Casino” in which Robert de Nero features or listen to Kenny Roger’s song “the Gambler” in the comfort of my modest room than take a stride in my thick shoes to be pick-pocketed, in case of loss, in an institution having the force of the law to do so

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