Should US know everything about its foreign visitors?

The USA is seeking to know more about passengers entering its territory. This has been the debate in the EU. So how far is this measure effective for both the US and the passengers coming from other countries?

The USA has the right to protect itself from terrorists becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to carry their threats. One terrorist is enough to cause havoc among all passengers. But security agents should have the skills to spot terrorists before they get on planes and enter the country. Passengers shouldn’t have their privacy invaded as they are the citizens of their countries and not of the USA. Their governments shouldn’t be agents for the US government providing it with all what it wants to know about the passengers. Checking bank transfer is only the tip of the iceberg to fight terrorism. The US should know about the tactics used by the terrorists which need little money.

To fight terrorism there should be deep cooperation between countries, especially between those harbouring terrorists and those likely to be attacked by them. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of personal freedom and privacy. People should have the right to enter a country without being stripped from head to toes, metaphorically speaking. Not all the passengers are terrorists and therefore they shouldn’t be subject to thorough investigation, including their bank accounts. The best thing people can do is to visit the US only under big necessity. As for tourism there are hundreds of destinations elsewhere offering high quality vacations with relatively reasonable checks for entry.

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