Global Warming, Whose Responsibility?

warming is basically the responsibility of rich and industrialized countries like the US which produce more and consume more. But it isn’t late to turn the tide back. Developing countries should try to adapt to environment friendly sources of energy with the help of developed countries which have the technological skills to do so.

Economic progress and advancing urbanization should not be a threat to our survival. Everybody around the world should be equipped with the notion that the earth has everything according to one’s need and not to one’s greed. So it will be better to do the utmost to have consumption habits, including to that of energy in a thrifty way.

A race for development should be done reasonably. It shouldn’t become like an arms race where economic power gives justification to use as many resources as possible without looking ahead for the consequences.

Recycling and the use of environment friendly sources of energy are laudable. But before this, people of whatever status and country should learn to recycle their ideas and come up with new ones to save the world from a disastrous climate change.

One person relying on others to save the climate for them or a country waiting for a country to set the example isn’t the way forward.

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