India rising, but not from its contrasts yet.

One of the biggest assets of India is its democratic system which holds it together. Its regional and ethnic diversity could have split it in more independent states as it was the case with Pakistan after independence, itself split into states Pakistan and Bangladesh. But democracy isn’t enough for the prosperity of the country if it isn’t accompanied by radical changes at the political, social and economic level. It’s true India as a country has attained economic progress but this isn’t manifest all over the country and among at least the majority of its population.

Some Asian countries like South Korea were among the poorest. Now they are economic giants. It was possible for them because they have a small population but well educated compared to India’s one billion people with its different cultures and geographic locations.

India, despite its economic boom, is still far from becoming a prosperous country in the foreseeable future. The caste system hasn’t been eradicated totally. The 10% yearly economic growth isn’t benefiting all its more than one billion population. India still has to make other giant steps towards the majority who look left behind while only about a third of the population is reaping the fruits of its economic success. The number of the population, the education level and the continuing class system will continue to pose a problem to India for a quick take-off. Many will be on the margin.

India needs a social miracle to crown its economic success. Among the measures needed is to eradicate the caste system so all Indians achieve success on merit and not to fail or succeed because of belonging to a caste or a social class. Much still needs to be done for India to reach the standards of the developed countries.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    April 19, 2007 at 1:33 pm

    We will never allow this fucking country to grow. WATCH IT BROKEN INTO PIECES. There will be only one ISLAMIC COUNTRY THE WORLD OVER

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