North Korea agreeing to nuclear disarmement

North Korea has agreed to nuclear disarmament . But this should be treated with scepticism as it won’t easily relinquish this aspect of its might without getting something mighty in return. The NK regime has become adapted to international isolation, being contented with close relations with China. But china alone can’t do it alone to make NK abide by this treaty if it can’t persuade the other four nations involved with NK over its nuclear programme, namely: the US, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

North Korea is now under more pressure to close its nuclear reactors. It has been using them as a blackmail to get economic aid. NK regime should abide by this agreement not just for its survival but for the interest of North Korean people, the main sufferer of economic sanctions. China should keep its pressure on NK to abide by the agreement as it is in its interest not to have its relations with the US strained because of siding with NK in case it continues with its nuclear program.

Such a deal, if it succeeds, can be set as an example for Iran nuclear issue. More chance should be given to diplomacy as economic sanctions and military strikes have proved ineffective in settling political issues in a world where it is difficult to predict the outcome of draconian measures. One thing is to be taken for sure is that the people under a contentious regime are the sole to pay for deep differences at the international level.

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