Should funds for AIDS be cut?

It’s true that AIDS has been in focus since it appeared as a deadly disease. It was the number of lives it claimed in rich countries, particularly in the USA, that made war open on it at all prices. It claimed poor and rich and mainly celebrities which made people more aware of it. Rich governments and associations stepped up funds for research on cures. Maybe AIDS is no longer as dangerous as it used to be as people in the West take more cautions against it. There have been campaigns against unsafe sex as well as drugs, the main causes of infections. And more funds should be used for the treatment of other diseases like Malaria and diabetes.

But in the other parts of the world, mainly Africa, the number of victims and affected is alarming. It can be true that in the West too much money is spent on AIDS but in Africa little is spent in comparison. AIDS drugs are still expensive and only a minority has constant cares. More funds are needed for the deprived categories for whom AIDS is a tragedy claiming mothers, fathers and sons.

Diabetes, malaria and AIDS are frightening diseases. Health education is necessary for all to be in good health. Needless to say that healthy food, safe sex and a clean environment are the keys for a normal life. Perhaps more research should be carried on how to convince people to be responsible for their health, rather than neglecting it and expecting doctors to put things right, sometimes after it is too late.

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