Stars and gossip

One of the negative aspects of stardom is being the focus of the public even in private and intimate matters. Gossip about stars is an industry that yields vast sums of money to tabloids and magazines. The shaven head of a pop star like Britney Spears on the front page can earn a paper more than it will from advertising a shaving product! Some years ago, there was a photo of Barbara Streisand, leaving home in the morning without makeup. So no wonder if Britney Spears with a shaved head caught the eyes of cameras.

We hear, for example, of the divorce case of a star. But this doesn’t stop here. The press delves in its financial settlement and its ramification. Just in the past twelve months, we heard about the troubles of quite a few stars. There was, for example, Paul McCartney’s divorce case, which indirectly or directly disclosed his massive fortune.

Some people tend to view stars as people of a different planet. So what they do is an exception. Even their jokes or witty responses in a private setting travel around the world. Perhaps people don’t care much about people around them. So they try to take interest in the private lives of stars. What can be demeaning is when people look up to this star and going to the point of imagining a close relationship or seeing that star sitting with one in one’s living room. They keep following every detail of their lives.

Stars are people after all. They have their peculiar genius that makes them stand out. Some see them as idols and whatever they do or say is worth attention and debate. Their creations or performances enrich our lives. Without stars entertaining the public with their performances in music, sport or whatever, our world will be dull. They are in a sort healers, although they sometimes need healing like Robbie Williams who is back for rehab from drug addiction. But like anybody, they have their ups and downs. This should be seen as a fact of life and not a major event attracting headlines and general gossip.

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