Train bomb attack in India

The bomb attack on a train, part of the “Friendship Express” service that takes passengers from Delhi to Lahore in Pakistan, is an attack on the efforts made by India and Pakistan to forge durable peace between them. There must be cells intent on derailing the peace process between these countries in the hope of making it difficult for them to have continuous mutual trust. It’s unfortunate that these countries are plagued by violence that occurs now and then. Pakistan has trouble containing armed attack as it has turbulent borders. There is Kashmir which is still the bone of contention between it and India. On the other side of its borders there is Afghanistan whose radical Islamists have a deep pact with those of Pakistan. This means Pakistan borders will remain a breeding ground for armed groups ready to take whatever opportunity to attack.

The leaders of both countries were wise to condemn the attack. This is a sign that they don’t want a tragic incident like this to halt the train of friendship and trust after decades of animosity. Both countries have enormous means to track the culprit. This incident should be an opportunity to further their security cooperation.

Passengers from both countries should be brave enough to continue taking these lines. They should work to cement the link they have with the other people on either border. The incident shouldn’t make them choose to close the borders between their countries by not crossing them out of fear. Needless to say terrorists are heartless. They choose soft targets as it costs them nothing but a bag of explosives to leave the scene littered with bodies and the destroyed lives of families.

India and Pakistan should rise above their differences and give the example, as nuclear nations, they have the will to defeat what can derail their attempts for durable peace and friendship in the interest of their people that were set apart after their mutual independence because of Kashmir and religious differences.

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  1. arun said,

    February 20, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    terrorism is deplorable.
    but till a real solution is found to poverty and discrimination, it will keepraising its dirty head.
    rich and not so rich.. all need to work towards min. dignity for all.

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