Should Prince Harry carry out a tour of duty in Iraq?

It must be good news for Prince Harry that he will carry out a tour of duty in Iraq, as this will, in a certain way, show that the royal family isn’t aloof from being practically involved in defence matters. It is a big show of patriotism. If kings and queens can’t serve in an army as they are heads of states and rule but not govern, a chance should be given to princes.

Prince Harry has the right to fulfil his wish to be a soldier on field and not to be contented just with completing military training. He has the right to test his manhood and to take his destiny in his hand. He has learnt how to cope, along with his brother Prince Williams, prior to military service by going to remote places in Latin America to live the hard way. So, Instead of remaining under heavy security in his home country or anywhere in the world, now, it’s he who will assume the security of the others under his command and the area where he will be operating.

His participation can be a boost to the British army in Iraq to have a popular prince among them. His service there is likely to create a stir in Iraq, especially among the insurgents who may try to mount their attacks. But this should be overlooked. The army has the duty to defend its positions. It should do it with or without his presence. But his presence should be a challenge to the insurgents. Had it been decided not to grant him military service in Iraq out of fear of them, it would show them stronger than they are.

Maybe his presence will revive the romanticizing of wars where princes mingle with ordinary soldiers and live their lives away from the splendour and comfort of palaces. Prince Harry’s wish to go to Iraq is going to be fulfilled. Maybe there are others wishing to return to UK to join their families or to recuperate after the stress of having to be continuously on guard.

So good luck to all. And let it be an occasion for Prince Harry to have a well-deserved military promotion after completing his tour of duty in Iraq and set the example for young people, in particular, to be ready to defend their countries, rather than becoming too soft to go into dangerous areas.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    April 27, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    I think he should go,because that’s the point of being a solider,but I just hope Tony Blair ask’s America to keep it’s poorly disciplined trigger happy idiotic A10 pilots out of the Basra area,or our Prince Harry may well end up like Matty Hull and ironically He’ll be in command of a scimitar light tank that that these pilots enjoy shooting at.

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