Exporting American Democracy

The USA has been trying to democratise many countries, especially in the Middle East although it doesn’t seek to export or impose its style of government . It hasn’t succeeded, as the regimes there are reluctant to power sharing or power rotation. The notion of democracy varies from one country to another. The best thing the USA can do is to solidify the economic and educational infrastructures in countries whose regimes are friendly to the USA. It should let them have the style of democracy they seek.

It must be noticed that US turn a blind eye to undemocratic regimes in the Middle East because they’re cooperating with it to fight terrorism. Not to mention the close economic ties it has with them mainly through its US oil companies, which are one of the keys to US roaring economy.

On a footnote, many people in many countries around the world don’t seek US style of democracy or seek its support as they associate this with US imperialism and the risk of being under its domination. There are calls for close ties on regional basis away from American influence. American standards are still envied around the world. Only US foreign policy is still controversial on many levels in different countries.

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