North Korea Inviting the head of the UN’s nuclear agency Mohamed ElBaradei

The invitation of the head of the UN’s nuclear agency Mohamed ElBaradei by North Korea for talks on its nuclear programme should be as a sign of détente between NK and the six nations groups, mainly the USA. If all parties show resilience in their discussion this can open a new era of entente between NK and its traditional opponents.

The most important is Mohamed ElBaradei shouldn’t return from NK empty handed, or with hands filled with promises that NK regime will break as he leaves NK soil. If the negotiations are successful, this will be advantageous to the USA. It will have more breathing space to manoeuvre against Iran nuclear project.

The comparison to draw between NK and Iran is that Iran allowed UN’s nuclear agency to visit its nuclear sites while progressing with its programme without arriving at a military test. NK shut the door at this agency and defiantly carrying experiments on nuclear missiles.

It remains to see what economic offer the six-nation group will present to the NK regime to make what would be a historic decision concerning nuclear weapon acquisition

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