On Ghana Independence 50th Anniversary

Ghana has the same journey as most African countries which emerged from colonialism to independence with the hope for a bright future. Very few kept stable and not exposed to bloodshed. In recent years quite a few countries showed political wisdom by opting for ballots rather than military coups.

Ghana is one of the African countries that can be a model for democracy as its political stability allowed it to assume the presidency of African Union, which was denied to Sudan because of Darfur issue. But its presidency of the AU will put more pressure on it to continue its democratic path and to ease the long standing problems plaguing the continent. Not to forget the economic and social problems inherited from the era of undemocratic rule, which must be redressed with urgency.

I had the honour of having President of Ghana John Kufuor answer my questions which I had posted to BBC have your say on Sunday, 25 February, 2007, 22:37 GMT 22:37 UK

Mr President,

1) What role can Ghana play in settling internal conflicts in parts of Africa, like Darfur in Sudan?

2) How do you see the growing influence of China in Africa. Will this make Ghana minimize its ties with its traditional partners in the West like UK?

3) Do you think limiting presidency to two terms is effective for democratic rule?

4) What legacy would you like to leave to your country now having become one of the most stable in Africa?

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Thank you Mr President.

You can listen to his answer on this link

You can also watch the whole interview on BBC site.

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