Al Gore, from hot politics to global warming

Al Gore’s plea for a reduction on carbon emission is just a cry in the wild as the economic and political concerns outweigh those for a radical approach to the environment. He can make a good impression on the academics and scientists whose concern is to help people for an ideal living. The attitude towards the environment is like a chain of events. Business people are to fight competition from other areas. They can’t afford to produce less products or expensive ones to show how friendly they are to the environment. Profit must keep on rise and for that, all sorts of energy should be used as long as it is economically beneficial. Politicians, knowing that business is a strong lobby, cannot venture into taking rigorous decision angering the business community. They seek to show that the economy is booming and roaring to keep a good position in polls.

Al Gore knows this very well. When he was vice president, his focus was on becoming the future president of the USA. His attitude to the environment was reconciliatory as entering into confrontation with big corporation meant losing big support. Now, having made a green comeback, it’s better for him to work out an environment strategy that will bear fruits. Let’s not forget that his 24 years in active politics as senator and vice president put him to square one as he lost the presidency to George Bush, which made him disappear from public view. His most important statement was that he wouldn’t seek to stand for president. If he keeps to his words, he still has the environment to fight for. But he should do so in an attractive manner as one of his flaws in 2000 presidential election was his looking patronizing, contrary to George Bush who looked easygoing, despite his invisible stutters and slips of tongue.

Let’s hope, by the end of the day, he won’t quit his focus on the environment, and that his experience as a public figure accumulated by his past 24 years in active politics, plus the following years of relative political retirement, will make of him a force to change the passive/ careless attitudes towards the environment from producers and consumers alike.

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