UK captured sailors, diplomacy and propaganda

The propaganda surrounding the capture of British sailors seems to be going to have ramifications. The British service woman Fay Turner expressed in an early interview with the BBC that she was ready to take full responsibility regarding the risks she could encounter in her job. What is worrying is her being exploited by the Iranian regime on many levels. They singled her out to make a statement “recognising” that she was with the other arrested sailors in Iranian waters. Through her, they wanted to show the world they were treating the sailors humanely and their good faith will be shown to the world by releasing her (which they haven’t done so far. They are just trying to bring the other sailors in a row to make “confessions”.)

One wonders, for whom these confessions are made? Is it to governments around the world? These depend on scientific and documented evidence. Or are they targeting the(naive) public that can be easily influenced by their propaganda? This includes statements, letters and TV footage. (On Iranian TV The sailors appear shaven. Let’s hope they won’t force them to grow a beard as they appear to have forced the British service woman Fay Turner to wear an Iranian scarf. They stripped her of her military uniform. Do they want to make her one of their own or giving her an Iranian dress was a show of hospitality?)

What doesn’t make sense is the content of her letter. How can a soldier turn against his country’s policy overnight (in less than a week) because of being arrested by a foreign power? There are two possibilities for this:

1- the Iranians were miraculously genius enough to brainwash her in a very short time.
2- she was forced to write the stuff that had never occurred to her before her arrest, expressing regret and condemning her government.

A soldier is by definition is a member of the armed forces who carries orders and not link his political views with his duties.

Should UK internationalize the dispute? This seems to be the best answer. It should first take the legal and diplomatic channels before embarking on any “serious” action. This can be an opportunity, if diplomacy works, for both sides to soften their positions and bring this crisis to an end. Mounting propaganda from Iran and escalating declarations from British political circles can just prolong the conflict. It will be like a match ending in a draw and needing extra time for a decisive result.

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