Polesi trip to Syria

Pelosi’s trip to Syria is another indication of the disagreement between the White House and the Congress over the steps to take vis-à-vis Iraq and Syria. It seems President Bush will have a hard time with the congress in the remaining years of his term, considering that his popularity at the lowest level.

It also seems that while Bush is pursuing a hard policy regarding Syria using all possible means, including economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation, the Congress is seeking to open a new page. Maybe for it, it’s better to win and ideologically dangerous regime whose weapons are mainly propaganda and arming fighting groups than to have two allied enemies. Making Syria distance itself from Iran, can harden the pressure on it over its nuclear program as it will have fewer friends in the Middle East.

Pelosi seems to be paving the way for a Democrat administration, as it is likely the voters won’t return the Republican to power. By doing this, the congress is trying to paint a new landscape for the Bush post era. To make things easy for them, they don’t want to inherit Bush’s policy. They want to start afresh by improving the relations with the White House sworn enemies like Syria and by having the US troops in Iraq back home before the presidential elections in 2008.

Is Pelosi right to take a trip to Syria? She isn’t the only one to do so. There was the controversial trip by former Pt jimmy Carter to Cuba in 2002. His visit didn’t yield any concrete results. Pelosi’s trip at present will be just a media event with little impact on the White House approach to the regime in Syria. For the Syrian regime, such visits will be an opportunity to believe and make believe that it is getting out of its isolation after renewing contact with the EU at the highest level.

As long as the White House and the Congress don’t see eye to eye, there will be more surprising moves by the Congress at home and abroad, making the US administration bewildered and having no power but the constitutional power of the president to veto decisions that are in sharp contrast with its foreign policy.

Is Pelosi right to go to Syria?
I don’t know
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