British sailors release, Who’s won and who’s lost

The winners are the freed sailors and their families. Politicians try to make the most of events like these. It’s an opportunity for them to show shrewdness, resilience, toughness, let go- all combined for good effect. The political point the Iranians succeeded in scoring is to make British politicians and the British people have their blood boiled when they are famous for having cold blood. Personally the grim look I saw on Tony Blair’s face was similar to the one he was having on July 7 bombing. This shows the severity of the situation the British government was in. Tony Blair kept his firm look even after the release of the sailors when he made his public announcement contrary to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who looked relaxed.

The biggest win can be when all the movers and shakers in Middle East affairs work together as equal partners to diffuse the long running tension. Iran has no means but its gigantesque propaganda and limited power to confront the West. UK has behind it an armada in the form of EU, NATO and the USA to secure its powerful position in the world. The question to ask is who is going to win the remaining battles that can prove difficult to settle by a mere declaration. For the Iranians, it can be easy to say we pardon the sailors and set them free. But it will be difficult for them to make a surprising announcement by saying we changed policy and we are going to close our nuclear sites and start a fresh era with the West.

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