Legalising adultery in Uganda

On BBC have your say there was a debate of whether one would spy on their partners In Uganda thanks to the adultery law, which has been scrapped by the Constitutional Court -because it treated men and women unequally – spouses don’t need to spy on each other or even get jealous as the law permits them to have free sex. This law also seems to recognise that marriage is no longer a pact of mutual possession as there is union only by the notion of marriage while physically each is free to lead a sexual life of one’s choosing. Maybe the law should evolve by allowing the spouses to bring their lovers home and share the same bedroom. In this case, one of the couple will have to spend the night on the sofa as the sleeping premise is occupied by a nightly guest!

The positive side of the law is it recognises the reality of marriage. Not all spouses are faithful to each other. They need moments of change so marriage isn’t boring or a lifelong cage. It can be a substitute to polygamy as marriage of this kind is costly involving extra expenses. Accepting adultery within marriage is morally disgusting. For a man to accept sharing his wife with other men is the worst aspect of manhood. A woman accepting other women to have sex with her husband is another form of prostitution. Marriage should remain sacred. Those who can’t remain faithful had better separate and seek mating partners.

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