Should freed UK sailors sell their stories?

There a criticism following the sale by some released UK sailors of their stories to the media. This has also been followed by a ban by MoD on such sales to continue among the armed forces. The good thing is that not all of the freed sailors are zealous about making money out of their stories. The biggest price/reward the 15 sailors have got is that they went down history as being the cause or the instrument of a severe diplomatic crisis between UK and Iran. They have been in the spotlight worldwide, having top diplomats endeavour for their release. They were seen throughout their capture and on the day of their release as heroes. Now they can be seen just as mercenaries trading an experience they underwent which was also felt by the UK as the public and the government sided with them.

Defending one’s country has no price. The sailors have the right to make the best of the bad situation they were in but not to the point of falling from the sublime to the ridiculous; in other words, they shouldn’t become traders in an event which has become the property of the public, so to speak. It’s better for them to be asked how well they came out of their ordeals than to be asked how much money they’ve made from disclosing them to commercial press.

They should have in mind other soldiers who have been in worse situation and whose cases were forgotten because it hadn’t stirred any political storm anywhere. . The sailors were arrested as team. They should have team spirit by thinking of those who were less lucky than them in having a period of detention, coming back with a lost limb or simply disused by society. They’d better tell their story to a film director to make an award winning movie. Its revenues should go to former members of the armed forces who are now facing difficulties. They’d better be contented with hero medals, which can be their national pride and that of their families and offspring for generations.

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