Casablanca Bombers die in despair

The suicide bombers in Casablanca who blew themselves up show that Islamic militants have changed tactics, becoming more sanguine. But the vigilance of the security forces and the cooperation of the public has made it difficult for them to continue in hiding. They will be smoked out of their holes soon or later as the majority of Moroccans aren’t ready to live under deadly fear. The influence of Al Qaida on hard Islamic militants has made them ready to kill anyone, including themselves. They have become driven by despair, as Morocco is moving for moderate and open type of Islam. Now they are surrounded by the fact that Moroccans are for social justice, not for bloody one claiming innocent lives. They can spread terror for a while but they can’t spread their type of Islam.

Morocco is lucky so far in its fight of Islamic militants. They succeed just in killing themselves thanks to the vigilance of the security forces which has so far succeeded in surrounding them before they access their targets. Morocco has sadly entered its own phase of war on terror. It still needs more vigilance before the most dangerous elements are caught and put in cage. They deserve no mercy as those released from prison become more intent on more destruction for which they were pardoned in the first place.

Because of this increasing threat of terrorism, Moroccans are now obliged to be more vigilant, especially in the areas from which the suicide terrorists originate. But on the whole Morocco remains a safe country as Moroccans in general are for social justice and political reforms through democratic means and not through the use of deadly violence. Such bombing are far and between. The danger that lurks is when the suspected terrorists get out of hand through lenient measures in the hope that they will redress themselves to a normal life .


  1. Bunc said,

    April 11, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    Hi Abdelilah,

    Mercifully the security forces in your country seemed to be on top of the situation regarding the group that ended up blowing themselves up in Casablanca. It was sad though as I understand that a policeman lost his life also.
    When I wrote about the previous internet cafe episode I thought that it indicated that there was likely to be something else to follow. I am sad that this turned out to be the case because I know that people in your country must despise these maniacs as much as anyone.
    Then today we had news of explosions in Algeria. It seems that Al Qaeda is determined to foment violence in North African Countries. All I suppose in pursuit of the “Caliphate”.
    Anyway I know you wont have been near the explosions but I am glad your safe and sound!

  2. Abdelilah Boukili said,

    April 11, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your good wishes. I was in my hometown Marrakesh which is 220 Km from Casablanca, the scene of the explosions.

    It is sad that with time terror becomes more widespread, crossing borders like thin invisible air. The fight against terror is far from being won at present as terrorists sadly multiply like cancerous cells. But let’s hope they won’t turn out incurable cancer affecting the body of human values.

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