Free BBC Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston banner

Dear Alan,
I still remember your reports from Gaza when the Palestinian territory was in high tension due to internal fights between Hamas and Fatah. Your report were,as always, professionally balanced . They were never meant to take side with any party but they reflect the view of each side. The efforts you made along with other BBC journalists, until your presumed kidnapping, showed the reality of a territory catching attention worldwide. Journalists of your status have brought the conflict in this region to prominence without stirring violent emotions but depicting things as they are. The BBC has sometimes been criticized over its reporting of events in the Israel and Palestinian Territories but never in the person of Alan.

It is sad that a reporter of the stature and integrity of Alan Johnston should be the victim of abduction. It’s sad to see a reporter meant to cover events becomes a topic in the news, leaving his friends, family & fans at pain about what he might be through. It is also sad that he should fall to such a bad luck when previously kidnapped reporters were quickly released as soon as possible for the relief of your colleagues around the world in general and in Palestinian territories who’ve relentlessly shown their solidarity with you.

We all pray for your safe return to your parents to the BBC to continue your reporting and fact-finding mission. I know your courage won’t allow you to lessen your professional dedication to reporting.


  1. yassine said,

    April 18, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    Wow, they’re great ur posts, I didn’t know there’s a boukili who writes so good with shakespear language.

    My name is Yassine El Boukili, I’m from Meknes, Morocco, and I’m sorry for what happened to Alan but what shall we do, I think he used to know this and eventhough he didn’t let down his mission.

  2. Abdelilah Boukili said,

    April 18, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks Yassine for your message.
    I hope you will set your own blog so we can exchange ideas.

  3. Yassine said,

    April 28, 2007 at 5:02 pm

    well, actually I’ve already done it, yet it’s not as serious as yours but I think it looks like me, it’s MY blog anyway. I’ll give you its url so that u can put something on it:


  4. Anonymous said,

    June 30, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    I have been watching BBC News 24 for 5 hours. The initial interview with an eye-witness, JohnSmeeton, originally stated he heard oen of the terrorists say “Allah, Allah” and yet in replays of the interview this is cut. We are now on critical alert, with the public being asked to be vigilant, and yet it seems like a gagging order has been out on this particular part of the interview, assumingly because we cannot be seen o be less than PC. Unless we acknowledge the reasons behind the bombings and attempted bombings we may as well just roll over and play dead!

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