Australia and US to swap refugees

Australia and the United States have announced a plan to swap up to 200 asylum seekers every year.

It remains to see what criteria USA and Australia will be using for this new and curious swap. Maybe once this plan succeeds, they will embark on exchanging foreign prisoners in their jails after their final verdict. Who knows Guantanamo prisoners may be relocated in an undisclosed area in Australia in exchange of terrorists caught in it who will spend their sentence in the USA. Then Australia and the USA will have the challenging tasks of finding third countries to accept them if their home countries reject them.

On the whole, there are refugees who seek any safe place to make a good living. For refugees from poor countries it doesn’t matter to them where they can live as long as they can secure living in a prosperous country giving them the rights they were denied in their home countries.

As we say, beggars can’t be choosers. Asylum seekers should accept any proposed country respecting human rights. As such, the move by USA & Australia will have little impact on curbing illegal immigrants eager to live in either.

For some, seeking asylum it will become a new kind of gambling. Once set on taking refuge, they consider all possibilities: never reaching their destination, being turned back in a single moment after a long time of preparation, being allowed to enter but put in a refugee camp and the final innovation being swapped with other asylum seekers.

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