Obesity, are children the victims of their parents?

Child obesity isn’t the responsibility of parents alone as in the market there are food items leading to child obesity. Advertisement and peer pressure play a great part in making children consume fattening food. Parents themselves don’t have time to prepare healthy food for their children. Most of the time some buy prepared food from supermarkets or take away food chains. What is needed is to withdraw any food item leading to obesity and shut down fast food restaurants selling fatty foods.

To help children not become fat, markets should be supplied with only bio-food. Organic food is still out of reach for many because of its quantity and price. Parents should have more time at home to prepare healthy food instead of consuming preserved and fatty food. There must aggressive campaigns at schools and in the media showing shocking examples of child obesity and the health complications resulting from it. And above all children should be encouraged to take up exercises regularly.

The way to ward off obesity among children is simple:

– parents should cook fresh food themselves and be knowledgeable about the food quantity and quality they should have.

– there should be incentives for them to take up physical exercises in gyms or at home with their parents.

– there must be constant checks on their weight accompanied with doctor’s recommendations on how they should keep in good form.

– They should be taught that being negligent about their weight has dire consequences.

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