Getting rid of plastic bags

Traders in a Devon market town claim they will be the first in Europe to be entirely free of plastic bags. This move should be carried out all over the world.

Plastic bags have infested all markets and in every country. They aren’t just a means to put goods in them. Supermarkets and the like use them for commercial effect. They design them as a part of marketing and putting on them their trademarks. Customers then become walking publicity as they display where they got their goods.

In old days, people used to carry their baskets to the market. They used buy goods according to their daily needs. Now things have changed. They seek to do the weekly shopping, using their cars. Each item is put in a plastic bag. Plastic bags add just to the burden of local councils having to deal with increasing waste.

What is needed now is to return to paper bags. They can be more costly for the retailers, but they are cheap enough as they can be recycled, causing little damage to the environment. More woodland should be farmed for this effect. Customers should be encouraged to take their own bags with them when they want to go shopping. Manufacturers should design durable and reusable bags for each kind of shopping. Bags for clothing, bags for food items and so on. This proposal can be far-fetched. But nothing should look hard to implement for the sake of the environment. What is needed is the adaptation of new approaches at the personal level. Scientists alone can’t change the world by raising the alarm. Customers and sellers should get involved to make cities and homes environment friendly. The first step is to make plastic bags disappear from shopping centres.


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    May 11, 2007 at 2:20 pm


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