Sarkozy, France’s president elect

Sarkozy won the presidential elections to become France’s new president. It’s must be seen as a new era in French politics as Sarkozy is of the relatively young generation. With the departure of Jacques Chirac, France should be set for a new style of government. Sarkozy deserves his victory. Royal made many blunders in her campaigns. This must be seen as prelude to what president she would be if she had won. Because of his accumulated political responsibilities, Sarkozy has enough experience. This will allow him to deal with issues nationally and internationally.

Sarkozy’s victory shows politics in France is still a male domain. Royal failed to convince the majority because of her blunders. The voters must have made the right choice. Her party must have made the wrong one, first by thinking a female candidate can restore it to power and second by choosing Royal who seemed inexperienced about international politics. The lesson to learn from these elections is that experience and personality matter and not the ideological cliché of equality b/w sexes.

France regardless of who won should be an example for undemocratic countries where there are no change of president or the elections are carried under fraud and violence. If Royal had won, she would be the first female president. But Sarkozy will be known in history as the first French president of immigrant origin. Being so, he should solve the problems of the immigrants instead of resorting to harsh measures in response to their just demands for equal treatment socially and economically.

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