Sarkozy’s victory, the prospects of Franco-Moroccan relationship

The victory of Sarkozy must be come as good news for many governments in Europe, and especially to the US. Sarkozy American style policy on economic matters can bring the two countries closer after the cooling of relationship between the countries following US invasion of Iraq.

France and Morocco are close allies on many issues. France is Morocco’s first economic partner. It has stood by it concerning the issue of Western Sahara. President Jacque Chirac has been a close friend of Morocco through his numerous official and private visits. Sarkozy is familiar with Morocco through his official and private visits in recent years. He’s a known quantity to Moroccan politicians and he has a good knowledge of Morocco. As a member of Chirac’s government prior to his presidential campaigns and subsequent victory, he’s likely to continue on the same path as his predecessor reinforcing the existing political and economic partnership.

However, there remain worries about his attitude to immigration. Many Moroccan immigrants in France must be disappointed by his victory as they are suspicious of his reconciliatory tone in contrast to his harsh measures following suburb riots in 2005.

Whatever, Morocco had troublesome relationship with France when the socialists were in power under Francois Mitterrand. The victory of Sarkozy must have spared Morocco the worries it might have, had Royal won, She who proved inexperienced in international politics. The most hilarious blunder she made when she still thought Talibans were still in power in Afghanistan!

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