Ghana, a country with potentials

Ghana must pride itself on becoming a stable and democratic country after years of instability. Like many developing countries, it has some of its best citizens living abroad because they can’t exploit their potentials at home. In an interview with the BBC HYS on the occasion of Ghana 50th independence anniversary, President John Kufuor appealed to Ghanaian expatriates to return to their countries and work for its development.

Ghana has now the basis for progress as it has got rid of the spectre of military dictatorship. It has a democratic president who believes in the rotation of power through limiting the terms of presidency. I had the chance to put a question to his Excellency on BBC WHS. This is what he had to say about my question to him on this issue:

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Ghana produced many outstanding figures; the best known is Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General. Ghana has major roles to play on international stage through its presiding over the African Union. With more hard work, African countries can become a leading example on how to rise from internal fighting and waste of golden opportunities to reasonably developed nations. While Europe is worried about its aging population, Africa has a largely young population. Investment in human resources through the good management of its natural and cultural riches will bring it to a safe shore.

Ghana for many is a country which has one of the best football players. If they can build strong football teams, they can also build a strong economy. It’s all about team spirit and fair play. Match fixing and inside dealing benefit just the corrupt few. People want what to cheer about and to have a good share of what is available in the spirit of cooperation, fraternity and equality.

Let’s hope that Ghana will continue on the right path and Africa will have more countries that set the example for good governance, instead of remaining like a patient needing different prescriptions from different foreign doctors like the World Bank and the IMF.

Here is part of the conversation on Ghanaian expatriates that was broadcast on BBC WHYS

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