Renewed clashes in Lebanon

The recent clashes in Lebanon show that the seeds of trouble are in this country’s political and religious structure. It is a country torn by political differences that make it regularly exposed to clashes of minor and major magnitude. Lebanon seems to have entered a phase of endless violence since the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah war. The irony of the situation in Lebanon is that the antagonists look outside their country for support. The current government is supported by the West, mainly the USA as it is supported by Saudi Arabia. The “strong” opposition led by Hezbollah is supported by Iran and Syria. Adding to this there is the problematic issue of the Palestinian refugees as there are sections in the Lebanese political class who want them to leave the country while Israel is refusing the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland. This adds to the internal tension.

Lebanon needs to be cleansed of foreign interferences as the Lebanese need to unite for their country instead of remaining divided into sections with different foreign allegiances to countries like Syria and Iran.

Without national unity and immunity from foreign interference, Lebanon is likely to continue being like a volcano that needs to emit its lava from time to time. Any section, Palestinian refugees, political parties can be manipulated by these forces for their political ends. As there are political views in Lebanon that are vehemently opposed, violence eruption will continue being triggered from one side or the other. This should be taken for granted.

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